What should I do if I lose my garbage or recycling bin?

Please follow these steps if you lose your garbage or recycling bin:

  1. Look around your neighborhood in trees, ditches, fences and backyards.
  2. Talk to your neighbors and ask if they picked up an extra garbage or recycling bin.
  3. The numbers on your garbage and recycling bin do not correspond to your address or account. If you'd like to label your bin, put your address on the bin with adhesive numbers.
  4. After one week without finding your garbage or recycling bin and having talked with neighbors, call to arrange for a replacement bin. 
    1. For garbage bins, call the City of West Fargo Sanitation Department at (701) 515-5400.
    2. For recycling bins, call Waste Management, Inc., at 1 (888) 960-0008 or (701) 277-0714.

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