When do I need a building permit?

Permits are required for additions, decks, porches, finishing basements, replacing doors & windows of different sizes, interior renovations or repair that include structural modifications, demolition work, accessory structures, swimming pools and re-siding. All HVAC systems require permits, including all gas appliances & equipment, wood stoves, etc. A building permit and/or a zoning permit may be required when a building use is changed.

Separate plumbing and electrical systems permits are required for the installation, alteration, relocation, replacement, or addition to any wiring, piping, or equipment or appliances associated with those systems.

Electrical permits are issued and inspections are performed by the North Dakota State Electrical Board (701) 499-1549. 

Plumbing permits are issued and inspections are performed by the North Dakota State Plumbing Board (701) 799-1555. 

Permits are not required to paint a house (interior or exterior), hang wallpaper, replace cabinets and do similar finish work. Permits are also not required to build an accessory building having a floor area of 120 square feet or less, install concrete sidewalks and patios entirely on your property. Finally, permits are not required to insulate an existing building where no structural changes are made.

If you have questions about whether you need a permit for the project you have in mind or to see if it meets zoning requirements, contact the Building department.

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