Communication Department

Responsibilities of the Communication Department include the timely dissemination of information about the City of West Fargo and its policies, programs, services and neighborhoods to the news media and community.


  • Media relations
  • Multimedia promotional campaigns
  • Printed publications
  • Public access channel
  • Social media
  • Website content
Social Media
The City of West Fargo and its various departments utilize social media to share information regarding City business with the general public. In an effort to promote appropriate information exchange with community members, the City has a policy that welcomes and encourages posts and comments that are related to the specific content posted on the social media page. 

Social Media Policy

Records Requests

North Dakota’s laws state that all government records and meetings must be open to the public unless otherwise authorized by a specific law. The basic laws are found in North Dakota Century Code, beginning at §44-04-17.1.

“Record” includes all recorded information regardless of physical form (e.g. paper, e-mail, computer file, photograph, audiotape or recording, video, text message, etc.) that has a connection with how public funds are spent or with the public entity’s performance of its governmental functions or its public business, regardless of format or location.

Office of Attorney General Open Records Guide

The City of West Fargo prefers media requests for records be submitted by completing the request form and submitting it to the Communication Specialists.

Records Request Form (PDF)